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VILLA SERENA, VILLA SERENELLA, VILLA LIMONAIA Located in the green of the Tuscan countryside, where sky and earth meet to form a magical alchemy, Villa Serena, Villa Serenella, and Villa Limonaia possess all the traits of a charming, aristocratic and elegant living complex.Nature and cultu... more >>

The largest and most luxurious of the three villas, Villa Serena can sleep up to six people and guarantee its guests all the comforts of tasteful and functional accommodation. Originally built to house the family’s casks and wines, Villa Serenella is Villa Serena’s graceful anne... more >>

Etruscan Seduction 22 March 2014  31 July 2014
Etruscan Seduction 22 March 2014 31 July 2014
This will be a unique opportunity to retrace the footsteps of the birth of modern etruscology in the 18th century throug... more >>

For reservation made 4 weeks before the arrival discount of 10%... more

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